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For two weeks in June Carole and I drove a rented 4x4 around the perimeter of Iceland on Highway One. This highway, which was completed about 25 years ago, provided us with access to most of the country. The road is about 900 miles long, but with side trips and backtracking we drove more that 2300 miles. The trip was a beautiful, occasionally scary, and an adventure that gave new meaning to the word "awesome."

Our accomodations included a fishing camp, a couple of farms, hotels and "summer hotels." Summer hotels are high school dormitories that open to tourists in June and July. In Iceland, all high school students live away from home next door to their high school. Some, but not all were in small towns.

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The North

Geothermal Activity

Beautiful Scenery

The "Desert"

Fjord Panoramic Image


The West
East Iceland
History, Glaciers
Majestic Views
Rivers and Beaches
Amazing Scenery
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Mountain Plateau Panorama
West Coast Panorama

Reykjavik and South

Quick Facts(2000)


250,000 people


250,001 sheep

South and Reykjavik

85,000 horses


Virtually treeless

Geothermal Activity

30 active volcanoes


Earthquake and Flood Zone!

Most of land uninhabited

Primal, expected a dinosaur

Glacier Panorama
Glacier Lake Panorama

Most of land uninhabitable

Cold and windy

Christian nation since 1000 AD

Many people aloof

Gas = $5.00 a gallon

24 hour days in summer!

Crime is negligible

Get ready for gravel roads!

Food prices 1\3 higher than U.S.

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